Hydraulic Fluids

Synolex Venus oils are high quality hydraulic fluids designed to meet vast range of hydraulic applications in different industries. Depend on working and environmental conditions, we recommend different classes of our Venus fluids which range from antifreeze to fire-resistant.
Synolex Venus hydraulic oils are very resistant against rust, oxidation, temperature and shear and their application is guaranteed.

Different Types of Synolex Venus oils: Name
Premium quality hydraulic oils
For use in normal temperature and conditions.
Synolex Venus H
ISO Grades: 22,32,46,68,100,150
Zinc-Free Hydraulic Oils
For use in machineries in which manufacturer has recommended zinc free oils.
Synolex Venus ZF
ISO Grades: 22,32,46,68,100,150
Full synthetic Hydraulic oils
For use in wide temperature range and extreme working conditions and tensions.
Synolex Venus T
ISO Grades: 15,22,32,46,68
Fire Resistance Hydraulic Fluids
For use in hydraulic applications close to fire or extreme heat where oil leakage may cause fire.
Synolex Iron DU
ISO Grades: 46,68

Machinery Cleaning Oil
Before using this oil, flush the machine with Synolex Flushex and run it for 10 minutes.
Synolex Flushex