Synolex Turbo

Synolex Turbo oils are formulated by using very high quality base oils with very low carbon residues. Sulfur content of Synolex Turbo oils is cautiously controlled to maintain maximum protection of sensitive turbine parts.
Synolex Turbo oils are very resistant against sludge forming, corrosion, rust, oxidation, temperature and shear and their application is guaranteed.

Different Types of Synolex Turbo oils: Name
Premium Turbine Oils
For use in most types of steam and gas turbines
Synolex Turbo T
ISO Grades: 32,46,68,100
Synthetic Turbine Lubricant
For use in sensitive gas turbines and to avoid carbon residues with very low sulfur content.
Synolex Turbo RL
ISO Grades: 32,46,68,100
Turbo Jet Full Synthetic Oil
For use in turbo jet engines according to following standards
Synolex Avatar 5
MIL-PRF-23699-F DEF-STAN 91-101

Machinery Cleaning Oil
Before using this oil, flush the machine with Synolex Flushex and run it for 10 minutes.
Synolex Flushex